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The January 2016 issue of Country Diva marked a monumental transition for the publication. It was the last printed edition of this venerable publication. Starting with the April 2016 issue, Country Diva became a 100-percent digital publication. The Digital Edition had actually been available since 2015 through Magzter.com which makes the magazine available on tablet and desktop PCs, smartphone apps and other electronic devices. Our content did not change, only the format, which offered these benefits: It is portable. Yes, you can print it. You can print as many pages of the magazine as you want.  It’s Green: You can actually feel good about the amount of paper, ink, and gas we’ll all be saving by not producing and consuming a physical magazine.

Unfortunately, with limited staff and funds it is not feasible to publish the magazine digitally either.  The Spring 2016 (April) issue is now the last issue that will be published.  This will be offered on Magzter as a single issue.  We will offer all published issues on Magzter for purchase until we are no longer allowed to make this offering.

We will notify those who have subscriptions about this.