Available for sale and a great gift that could be added to a gift package is the book, Holy Heifer Tales!

Have you ever wondered what really happens on a dairy farm? Get a glimpse of the mishaps and mayhem in everyday life on a Wisconsin dairy farm, as told by an honest-to-God farm wife. Get to know the guys, dogs and other critters, deer hunters, tractors and, of course, cows and cow patties. Experience the events that happen behind the scenes when the tractor wheels are no longer turning, whether these adventures are in the farmhouse, at the farm itself or away from the farm.  It retails for $9.97.  There are different ways you can get the book.  You can order it directly from us by mailing a check for $9.97 and receive an autographed copy.  All you have to do is contact us.  You can also order directly from the publisher, Our Little Books. If you have a Kindle, get the Amazon version.

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