Country Diva Mission:


The mission of Country Diva is to serve those who live the agricultural or rural lifestyle.  This magazine is devoted to their needs, interests and dreams.

Country Diva Core Values:

• Create connections for country divas
• Embrace the country diva lifestyle
• Enrich the lives of country divas
• Enlighten those who aspire to live like a country diva

Country Diva – Diva Defined:

You define your own journey.
You believe no one should define your destiny for you.
Your passion and dreams exist in a barn, field, business, kitchen–wherever they lead you.
You are not ashamed of what you have, what you look like, who you are.
Above all, you are not ashamed to be yourself at all times.

If this describes you, then this magazine is for you, honoring you–the country diva.

Country Diva Staff:

Editorial Production Manager
Alora Rueth

Editorial Production Assistants
Connie Bushman, Cindee Loos

Senior Editor
Judy Vollrath

Judy Vollrath

Editorial Assistant
Diane Kren

Editorial Staff
Aubrey Kulke, Lori Weigel, Jean Reisinger, Shannon Boushon, Kris Leonhardt, Emma Schreiner

Contributing Writers
Lynn Drake, Kirsten Tertin, Loralee Peterson, Nicole Shattuck, Sabine Hartmann DVM

Cuisine Editors
Kathleen Hansen, Cleo Peters

Staff Photographers
Carmen Duran Zaleski, Connie Bushman

Graphic Design
Alora Rueth, Justin Redman, Connie Bushman, Cindee Loos